HOC – Mỹ Hà 2

Over the five years of our marriage, I tried to kill myself once when I was expecting with my daughter, and tried to flee home with her when I was four months pregnant with my son. Yet every single time families and relatives from both sides, my mom and my dad included, talked me into letting it go. They thought that such clashes were normal and expected to happen between any married couple and that I should not have made such a big deal out of it. Just one month before the beating, we had already submitted to the court our request for divorce but eventually, some commune officials came to “help reconcile” us. They told me to think of our children and of our family honour to put things aside and give my husband a chance. Also, I was told the court would usually grant each of the parents custody of one child, and I did not want to be separated from any of my children so I conceded.

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