Photo 6 – I stand for zero discrimination

I came out as a person living with HIV in 2001 and that gave me opportunities to learn how to live healthy with HIV. Therefore I can help many other people living with HIV became more confident as well as help improve HIV understanding by the public that contributed to the reduction of stigma and discrimination related to HIV. Right now, I am working with my colleagues in Hai Phong to support grandparents of children orphaned by AIDS in care taking. These kids have many difficulties in life and psychological development. They very much need affection and support to overcome inferiority, learn essential life skills and integrate into society. This is very close to my heart and I plan to spend more time on this effort in the coming years. I am happy to be able to help these disadvantaged kids so they can enjoy a better life. Let us all live positively to give and receive love!

Green One UN House, 304 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Viet Nam