HOC- Lò Kim Thủy 1

I still remember vividly as if it were yesterday when my sisters dressed me up in their Khang ethnic traditional cóm shirt and piêu scarf. I was only 8 years old. I sat on a traditional rattan chair in that gorgeous skirt; and my two sisters, on different sides, carried it like a palanquin. I felt beautiful and thrilled when I was carried like a princess.

Back then, every time during Tet, I was jealous of my sisters because my parents would buy them new dresses of Khang ethnic people to wear. I could only look at them, wishing and hoping. Only when I was home alone by myself did I dare to steal my sisters’ clothes to wear and gaze longingly at myself in the mirror. One year, I threw a tantrum begging my mom and dad to buy me the same new clothes. But my dad said: “Are you crazy? Why are boys wearing skirts?”

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