GLOBAL REPORT – UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic 2013

When countries gathered in New York at the beginning of this century to articulate a new
development agenda, one of the most momentous steps they took was to elevate health on
the global development agenda. Acknowledging the historic impact of the AIDS epidemic,
Millennium Development Goal 6 called for global efforts to halt and begin to reverse the
epidemic, an objective that has helped inspire unprecedented action.
Through a series of high-level meetings, the United Nations General Assembly established
strategies, goals and targets to give life to MDG 6 and to accelerate progress towards
achieving those objectives by 2015. At the 2011 High-Level Meeting on HIV and
AIDS, UN Member States reviewed a decade of historic progress in the HIV response.
Determined to build on prior gains in reducing new HIV infections and AIDS-related
deaths, and looking forwards to the eventual end of the AIDS epidemic, they endorsed the
2011 UN Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS, which set forth a series of ambitious targets
and elimination commitments for 2015.


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