Information on where to get legal aid for people living with HIV

  • What should I do if I think my rights are being violated because of my HIV status?
    Get to understand your rights under the laws of Viet Nam and provide information to those violating your rights about how and why their actions are wrong and against the law. This is the first step to follow and try if your rights as a person living with HIV are violated. If this is unsuccessful, negotiations between the two parties, which involve a more active dialogue and sharing positions, can lead to a mutual agreement. If you fail with mediation, you may then decide to seek administrative sanctions. In this case, it is recommended that a lawyer be consulted. Checking out UNAIDS publication “Learning Your Rights: Training manual on HIV and the Law” for skills and tips that can be helpful.
  • If I am poor but in need of legal aid, where can I turn for help with legal aid?
    You can try to reach Provincial Centres for Legal Aid under the Ministry of Justice or around 30 legal aid centres of the Viet Nam Judicial Support Association for the Poor for free legal aid services.

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