Information on how and where to test for HIV

  • Where can I get HIV counseling and testing?
    Depending on where most convenient, you can come to one of the following venues for voluntary HIV counselling and testing:

    1. National Institute for Hygene and Epidemiology, Ha Noi
    2. Pasteur Institute, Ho Chi Minh City
    3. The Central Highland Branch of the National Institute for Hygene and Epidemiology, Dak Lak City
    4. Pasteur Institute, Nha Trang City
    5. Provincial Preventive Medicines Centres
    6. Hematology Department at Provincial General Hospitals
    7. Dermatology hospitals.

    You can refer to this list for more options on free HIV counselling and testing points of service in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

  • What are my rights related to HIV counselling and testing?
    You have the rights to request that the HIV counselling and testing for you strictly follow the principles of Consent; Confidential; Counseling; Accuracy; and, Linkage to care and treatment.

    1. Consent: It requires consent of the client after being adequately informed of HIV testing. The client has the right to refuse testing.
    2. Confidential: To ensure the confidentiality of information of the person who gets HIV counseling and testing. Contents of discussion between the counselor and the client will not be disclosed to anyone without his/her consent.
    3. Counseling: All HIV testing cases must be provided with pre-test information and post-test counseling.
    4. Accuracy: Check if the clinic where you are using service applies the national HIV testing algorithm.
    5. Linkage to care and treatment: HIV-infected people should be linked immediately to care and treatment services.

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