Information on how and where to get treatment for HIV

  • Can I get HIV treatment if I have tested positive for HIV?
    According to Decision No.3047/2015 of the Ministry of Health on guidelines for the management, care and treatment of people living with HIV, adults and children of more than five years of age can be enrolled in antiretroviral treatment when their CD4 count < 500 cells/mm3or upon testing positive for HIV irrespective of CD4 count in cases of:

    1. Clinical stage 3 or 4 including tuberculosis;
    2. Findings of severe chronic hepatitis Ba;
    3. Pregnant women and lactating women with HIV;
    4. People with HIV whose spouse is not infected with HIV;
    5. People living with HIV from key populations including: people who inject drugs, sex workers, and men who have sex with men;
    6. People living with HIV ≥ 50 years of age;
    7. People living with HIV who live and work in mountainous, islands and remote areas.
  • Where can I get treatment for HIV?
    In case you test positive for HIV, the clinic where you do your test is responsible to refer you immediately to care and treatment services. A feedback mechanism will also be used to ensure your successful referral and that the referral process is documented in your medical record.

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